Sunday, March 18, 2018

New Tree Care

A CBUF* guide to caring for newly planted trees
*Civic Beautification and Urban Forestry advisory committee

Water trees regularly:
Water bags hold about 20 gallons of water. Place a hose in the slit at the top of the bag and let it run until the bag overflows.
Weekly watering from Memorial Day through Labor Day is the goal.
The city Parks crew will attach water bags to young trees in parking strips in late spring at no cost to homeowners. All they ask is that homeowners fill bags weekly with water.

A 3-4” mulch of bark or wood chips and periodic weeding will keep the area around the base of the tree weed free and keep lawnmowers from running into the trunk

Once grass grows right up to the tree trunk, the best way to remove it is by hand. Avoid using a string trimmer because it will damage the vascular tissue beneath the bark and stunt tree growth or even kill the tree.